Mandarin Immersion Program in Suzhou, China

Global Hanyu @ SUZHOU

Mandarin Immersion to fast-track your Hanyu Learning!



INVEST A FULL MONTH OF IMMERSION, PLEDGE TO ONLY SPEAK MANDARIN DURING THE TRIP; and experience leaps and bounds improvement in your learning of the language.  Many students find it hard to make that magic switch from their native language to the Mandarin “OS” simply because they lack the environment to do so. Now, we advise you to invest one month of your time to do that.

100% Mandarin & Cultural Immersion in the Yangtze River Delta, based in Suzhou. You already have some foundation Mandarin, but because of not enough immersion and practice, you don’t seem to be able to improve your proficiency. Mandarin Level III @ Suzhou is an immersion program we designed for foundation students who want to break this barrier. This special and regular summer program is for:

  1. All  students who have done level  I and II with us or with other centers. Those who have done the program with other centers need to do an assessment test with us, with an assessment fee of RM60. Those who are beginners kindly specify in your application form.
  2. You are serious in getting your proficiency up; and the only way to do that is for you to make a pledge to yourself and to us that you would only use the language; think and speak while you are with us in our beautiful campus in Suzhou.
  3. Top students are encouraged to take the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) – the international Hanyu Proficiency exam administered by Hanban.

* 100hours of intensive Hanyu learning, arranged in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.
** Field trip will be one assignment of the program. Each students need to choose at least 1 trip as given.

Counsellor will help give related information for each option, i.e  the contact of local tour, range for the cost for each trip, etc.


Yes, count me in. I would like to do an IMMERSION @ GHCC in Suzhou. This gives me a 100% immersion into the Chinese language and Culture. I will get to learn the language full time in a conducive setting.

* Registration: RMB500
* Tuition fees (4-weeks): RMB3850.
* Materials: RMB500

Accommodation: Approximately RMB1500 (single room sharing at MBA Hotel  Apartment’s 3-room apartment)

* Total of RMBf4850 or registration (RMB500), tuition fees RMB3850), materials (RMB500) to be paid to GHCC upon registration.
** Students would have to pay for their own accomodation, air fare, transfer, meals and pocket expenses. Counsellors would advise on accomodation arrangements, however, students should make payment directly to the hotel/apartment.

Places are limited. Register before 2 months before commencement . Each program starts on the second Monday of each month. Reporting can be over the weekend or you can check into hostel upon arrival. Kindly make your own reservations at the MBA apartment.

Once registration is confirmed, you will receive arrival information and arrangement.

For further information: send an email to



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