Intensive Mandarin Program in KL 2013

Determined to make time and effort?

Bring your MANDARIN to Boiling Point!!


Many students take up Mandarin courses but could not keep up with the frequency and practice achieving mixed results at the end of the learning period. Language acquisition is about intensity and practice, a language is learnt through practice, and this can only be achieved with intensive immersion and practice.

Our Director described language learning and likened it to bringing water to the boil; you cannot fire for 5 minutes and stop; and then restart; no matter how long you do this, the water will not be brought to boiling point. You have to focus your learning on an intensive and immersion basis, in other words, switch to Mandarin in a total immersion program to enable your system to achieve a new language proficiency.

We are launching a new format for THOSE WHO WANT TO INVEST TIME to once and for all commit to develop proficiency. Details:

  1. 4 weeks of intensive learning; from 10am onwards for up to 4.5 learning hours a day. Each week 22.5 hours of face time with teacher and supervised learning each week. Total 90 hours a month.
  2. Period: Every month, Full time studies.
  3. All levels, but best for FOUNDATION & INTERMEDIATE Levels.
  4. This program is results guaranteed.

Administrative Details:

  1. Daily schedule, Mon to Friday with lunch breaks:
    1. 10am to 12pm: Group class
    2. 12pm to 1.30pm: Lunch and rest
    3. 1.30pm to 4.00pm: Assignment and one-to-one strengthening
    4. On Friday: Chinese table – 2 hours of meal with colleagues and teacher to practice.
    5. Mandarin Only: All students who sign on this program will sign a pledge not to use any other language or mother tongue during the period.
    6. Tuition Fees: RM1,980; Registration Fees: RM100; Material Fees: RM80.
    7. Register before Nov 5.
    8. For further information: Email May Leng or Carmen at



One Response to Intensive Mandarin Program in KL 2013

  1. Mike says:

    This is a very good analogy! Never heard it explained like that.

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