Mandarin Courses

How does one learn Mandarin?


  1. If you start from the beginning, you will master tones, pinyin, and order of strokes and the Chinese input software to learn how to type and find characters.
  2. Part time learning of 16-20 hours per week, you need up to 18-24 months to finish up the entire program of 10 levels (Foundation – 3, Intermediate 2, Advanced 5).
  3. The following is a step by step process of how you can learn:
  • Foundation: Conversation based learning: We begin with the most frequently occurred situations, where students are introduced to the language environment with practical conversation pieces, students are taught pinyin and characters but we do not emphasize that students master the characters at this stage. The focus and emphasis at this stage is for listening, hearing and conversation.
  • No English will be used after 6 hours into program so students make the transition from thinking in English to beginning to think in Mandarin. We do not teach by using translation.
  • Intermediate stage: Character-based learning- students’ start by recognizing the most rudimentary characters and start by building vocabulary and application. Reading of additional material will only begin after students have mastered 700 characters.
  • Advanced stage: Integrated learning – students will learn Hanyu in the way it is being taught to Chinese speakers – in an integrated format – composition, conversation and lots of reading to expand their vocabulary and usage of the words.

FIVE Major Categories of programs and courses on Standard Putonghua are offered:

  1. 10 Levels of Mandarin Proficiency for Effective Communication (MPEC)–divided into sub levels of– Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.
  2. Mandarin For Specific Purpose — Business Hanyu, IT Hanyu, Travel Hanyu etc.
  3. Enhancement Program: Character Recognition, Zhengying – Standard Putonghua Pronunciation
  4. Academic Mandarin-Systematic program leading to mastery of Mandarin of academic level.
  5. Mandarin Panda — Program for Children –Baby, Junior, Senior Panda Levels — to get your kids from zero to academic proficiency.

MANDARIN PROFICIENCY FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – This 10 level program is the core language program designed for adult learner from non-Chinese cultural background.

The Structure of the course can be downloaded here.


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