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Malaysia warmly welcomes Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao

马来西亚热烈欢迎中国总理温家宝阁下 TRANSLATION GUIDE for MANDARIN ( PUTONGHUA) Mandarin-literate Malaysians were upset by the translation boo boo made at the welcome banner for Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao. The expression of feelings is understandable given Malaysia has almost 200 years of … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Prince William and Kate

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate on their royal wedding. Learn Chinese characters associated with the royal wedding. Beautiful Wedding gown, Handsome Bridegroom, 美丽的婚纱,英俊的新郎 , Měilì de hūnshā, yīngjùn de xīnláng, Cake, Ring and Everyone’s Wishes, 蛋糕,戒指,大家的祝福。 Dàngāo, jièzhi, dàjiā … Continue reading

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Cranes for Japan: Hong Kong 311 Artistes Love Beyond Borders Concert

311 Artistes Love Beyond Borders Concert Webcast at 7.01 April 1 2011, Hong Kong Time. Theme Song in Putonghua( 原詩:宮澤賢治 作曲:鄧志偉 填詞:潘源良 編曲:Johnny Yim 監製:趙增熹 我們不要輸給雨(wǒmen búyào shū gěi yǔ) 我們不要輸給風(wǒmen búyào shū gěi fēng) 我們不要輸給心痛(wǒmen búyào shū gěi xīntòng) … Continue reading

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