Come to view the Amazing live Qingming Shanghe Tu at NAPEI Edufair

Technology marries art; Digitized Version, Favorite at the World Expo 2010: see the amazing Qingmingshanghedu at the Global Hanyu booth at K18, Napei Fair, Mid Valley, Dec 18 & 19.

Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival
by Chinese painter Zhang Zeduan (张择端) , Northern Song Dynasty.

This painting scroll is considered as a national treasure by the Chinese people.  For those unable to attend to see this rare treasure; come to Global Hanyu’s  Booth A18, NAPEI Education Park, Mid Valley, Dec 18 & 19,  this digital version of part of this scroll , China will be shown. Invitation to all, make sure you drop by to see this amazing work

This valuable scroll with its original measures 5 metres was enlarged to 100 metre at the display at the World Expo at Shanghai which closed on Oct 2010. With a length of 128 metre, height of 6.5 metre; the multi media scroll borrows the effects of LCD projection and three dimensional animation; it brings to life the riverside scene; over 1000 people go about their daily chore to celebrate the Qingming Festival.

World Expo chose the Qingmingshanghedu  because in those earlier days;
Chinese cities were already experiencing urbanization.The art and wisdom of living in a city reached its peak during the sung dynasty; at that time the city was already a center of economy, community and culture.

The digitized version of the famous scroll was produced by the same company that produced the China Scroll during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Beijing based CRYSTAL CG (水晶石数字科技有限公司)
 planned the creative for over 2 years and took 9 months to produce.

数字《清明上河图》 让古人“活” 了起来



• 2002 年,《清明上河图》的孤本曾在上海博物馆展出,引来众多观众排队参观。这一次,在世博中国馆(原本5 米多长的画卷被放大至100 米,走在巨型画卷旁,可以一次看个够。
•长128 米、高6.5 米的多媒体《清明上河图》借助投影和三维动画技术,使这一传世名作“活” 了起来,上千个画中人物栩栩如生,成为了中国馆最脍炙人口的内容。
•国际展览局主席蓝峰、秘书长洛塞泰斯对活灵活现的动态《清明上河图》赞赏有加。美国国务卿希拉里・克林顿在“画” 前流连忘返,并留言:“中国馆和整个世博园精彩纷呈!”
•这幅极具看点的动态《清明上河图》,是北京奥运会开幕式上惊艳全球的“中国卷轴”的制作者———水晶石数字科技有限公司  的呕心沥血之作。公司董事长卢正刚告诉记者,相比“中国卷轴”,动态《清明上河图》的创作确实更具挑战。整个《清明上河图》创意策划超过2 年,制作时间长达9 个月。

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